Hanifaru Bay (Baa Atoll) : July till October

At Hanifaru Bay, you can do snorkeling, diving is not permitted anymore. During your snorkeling, you must keep a proper distance from whale sharks and manta rays, a radius of 3 meters from the head section of the whale shark and 4 meters at its tail is the minimum distance you must maintain. You should not approach the creature from the front or cross its path, stay at sides and swim with whale sharks. It is allowed to take pictures but without flash, you cannot use a scooter or motorized devices to tow yourself. Touching, stroking or even getting that close is prohibited and there are trained rangers monitoring your moves.


  • Dhonfanu Thila
  • Kihaa Thila
  • Hanifaru Bay (Snorkeling)
  • Dhigu Thila
  • Nelivaru Haa
  • Muthaa Thila
  • Dharavandhoo Thila