North Male Atoll Dive Sites

North Male, also known as North Kaafu, is perhaps the best known and explored diving area of the Maldives. It is a very popular among divers of all levels of experience. North Male Atoll diving is characterised by some of the best reefs in the Maldives, caves, current-swept channels and drop offs.The most popular and well-known dive sites of The Maldives are located around The North Male Atoll. Maldives Victory wreck dive is the most popular dive spot of the world. The Maldives Victory, an 110m/360ft long vessel, which sank in 1981 near Hulhule Island and now offers fascinating wreck diving experience for advanced divers. Old Shark Point, located to the southeast edge of Thila Fushi Channel, is one of the most frequently visited dive spots in Maldives and is popular for sighting sharks. Banana Reef, Lankan Manta Point, Kuda Haa, SS Seagull, Gaafaru Atoll, Nassimo Thila are some of the most visited dive sites in North Male Atoll.