Deep South Dive Sites

Addu Atoll lies south just south of the equator and is the southernmost atoll in the Maldive Archipelago.Gan island is the most southern island latitude 0’42’S. There are four inhabited islands and around 20 small inhabited islands and sandbars.The atoll is heart shaped and is about 18 k, wide and 15 km long.Most of the atoll is surrounded by islands.The islands on the western side, Gan, Feydhoo, Madadhoo and Hithadhoo are connected by a causeway creating a formidable barrier to the rising and falling tides.

You can see wrecks, large manta rays, sharks, turtle and generally big fish all year round. There are only four kandus in this atoll. Gan Kandu, Biligili Kandu, Maa Kandu and Kuda Kandu. The channels have relatively few caves. Currents are generally not as strong as in the other tourists atolls so the channels can be dived at most times. Depths inside the atoll average around 35 meters but it reaches a maximum of 75 metres in the middle.