North Ari Atoll Dive Sites

North Ari Atoll is located southwest of North Malé Atoll, and features some of the premier dive sites in the Maldives. North Ari Atoll has different types of dive sites, such as channels, thilas, walls, and reefs. Diving in channels is more challenging because of the stronger currents, and drift diving along the walls or around the thilas is usually easier and enjoyable. Some of the most popular dive sites in North Ari Atoll are Maaya Thila (a submerged pinnacle with some small caves, overhangs, and an endless list of marine life), Fish Head (a pinnacle where vast shoals of reef fish attract packs of reef sharks), Rasdhoo Atoll (a relatively small atoll with the famous Rasdhoo Madivaru/Hammerhead Point dive spot where divers can witness the parade of hammerhead sharks as well as other big pelagics), Hafsa Thila (a volcano-shaped pinnacle where divers are almost guaranteed to spot several reef sharks), and Maalhos Thila(spectacular coral heads found at a depth of around 27m/90ft with clouds of snapper, sweetlips, and resting whitetip reef sharks).